”One must always be careful of books,” said Tessa, “and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”– Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

My name is Kiri and I am a big book lover. Thanks to my mum and grandmother I was introduced into the world of fiction from a young age and have been surrounded by it ever since.

I am a BA graduate with a degree in Classical Studies as well as an MA graduate in Classics. My dream would be to get into publishing and maybe one day write a book of my own. For the moment though,  I am just battling on with whatever is available to me! 🙂

Who my favourite author is? What is my favourite book? Well those are very hard questions and I can never pick one. For a long time my favourite author was Jane Austen and her world of high and ‘acceptable’ society in 19th century England. I recently became fascinated with Charles Dickens and his darker, gloomier stories, and the stories surrounding the poor in Victorian England. My favourite Charles Dickens book at the minute has to be Bleak House and don’t ask me why because I literally have no idea. I fell in love with Mr. Jarndyce and the need to protect Esther, Richard and Ada. I fell in love with Esther and her strong personality and the fact that she doesn’t let her past affect her. Esther is one of his most holy of heroines – a mother to all and “angel of the house” as Rachel Ward from the Telegraph describes her. Esther gets to tell her story as she narrates the story. She’s the only woman that Dickens allows a pen and he brilliantly projects Esther as his type of ideal woman, with her modesty, perceptiveness, and moral responsibility. — Enough analysing Esther Summerson for now.. there is plenty of time for that later on… !

Another favourite Charles Dickens book is A Tale of Two Cities… I still get upset just thinking of that book and Sydney Carton. A great read and a very dark and political story during the start of the French Revolution.

I also like contemporary fiction and one of my favourite books is Wish you Well by David Baldacci thanks to my mother. She introduced me to this book and many more and I will always thank her for it… This list can go on forever so I will stop before I get carried away….!!! I am sure all these titles will appear in my post some time or another 😉

Apart from a big book lover , I am also a baker! If I haven’t got my nose in a book, you will probably find me in the kitchen baking something!! I love trying out new recipes and new flavours to the classical/traditional baking goods.

Oh and one more small detail. I am part English and part Greek. My mum is English and met dad while she was on holiday in Greece and basically got stuck there! 😛 I came to the UK to study and have not left since!

So there, now you know (a little) something about me. I hope you like this blog and thank you for visiting! 🙂


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